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Main Stage Presenters

Applications for 2019 Presenting Companies will be accepted beginning in April.


AKESOgen is a precision health and wellness population genomics company with a unique vision – to give every individual access to their DNA in order to enhance their lives through health and wellbeing – both from a consumer genomics and clinical sequencing strategy. AKESOgen works in the new paradigm health and wellness ecosystem by generating personalized DNA profiles so people can explore uniquely personalized products developed by the innovative companies with whom we have formed partnerships. AKESOgen generates DNA data and manages data privacy so that every individual is in complete control of their own data. Our ecosystem incorporates DNA data into personalized reports for each individual across a spectrum of categories, including ancestry, fitness, weight management and health. AKESOgen is based in greater Atlanta, Georgia, and is CLIA certified and CAP-accredited. AKESOgen has a full complement of genomics and epigenetics platforms from genotyping & sequencing to methylation.


Celtaxsys, Inc., is a privately held, Atlanta based, clinical stage pharmaceutical development company focused on advancing anti-inflammatory treatments for patients with rare inflammatory diseases. In a recently completed 200 patient, double-blind, placebo controlled study, our lead medicine, once daily, oral acebilustat, demonstrated clinically meaningful improvements in pulmonary exacerbations, both reducing the frequency of pulmonary exacerbations and increasing time to next exacerbation over 48 weeks of therapy for patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Acebilustat is the first novel anti-inflammatory molecule evidencing the potential to reduce frequency of pulmonary exacerbations, prolong time to first exacerbation and increase the likelihood of CF patients remaining exacerbation free, with greatest benefits observed in mild patients and/or those on CFTR modulator therapy. Celtaxsys, with continued support from the CF Foundation, has commenced preparations for executing the acebilustat Phase 3 CF clinical program in 2H 2019.

Concert Genetics, Inc.

Concert Genetics is a software and managed services company that advances precision medicine by providing the data and digital infrastructure for the reliable management of genetic testing. Concert Genetics provides market leading solutions that enable end-to-end genetic testing management, from searching and comparing testing products, to tracking orders and results, to payment integrity and forecasting trends in pricing and utilization.

NeuroTronik Limited

NeuroTronik Limited is a development-stage, venture-backed medical technology company pioneering a unique therapy approach for the hemodynamic management of patients who present to the hospital due to worsened symptoms of heart failure – the #1 reason for hospital admissions among older people. The therapy approach is Cardiac Autonomic Nerve Stimulation (CANS). NeuroTronik CANS Therapy® is designed to enhance perfusion, improve hemodynamics, and potentiate diuresis.

Spyryx Biosciences

Spyryx Biosciences is a clinical stage company developing a mutation agnostic therapy for Cystic Fibrosis. SPX-101 is a novel peptide mimetic of the lung’s natural mechanism of regulating hydration. SPX-101 is currently being tested in an international Phase 2 clinical study in patients with Cystic Fibrosis in all genotypes.

Early Stage Presenters

Advanced Chemotherapy Technologies, Inc

Advanced Chemotherapy Technologies (ACT), a Delaware C-corp based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park has developed a novel device for infusing chemotherapies directly into poorly vascularized tumors. In many cancers (such as pancreatic, head & neck, inflammatory breast, and others) the tumor is encased in avascular fibrous stroma that limits the penetration of intravenously delivered chemotherapies. In these cases it is common to try to overcome the poor vascularity by delivering massive doses of systemic chemotherapies, which result in devastating side effects that force many patients to stop treatment. ACT has overcome these issues by developing a surgically implanted iontophoresis delivery system that delivers higher doses of chemotherapies directly into the tumor tissue thereby lowering systemic toxicity. This technology advancement enables ACT to develop new treatments for existing chemotherapies and to salvage promising new compounds that were halted at the clinical stage due to toxicity. ACT is currently focusing on treating pancreatic cancer with gemcitabine.

Entac Medical Inc.

Entac Medical is developing noninvasive devices for predictive and diagnostic medicine based on a novel, patented platform technology, Previs Audio Spectral Analysis. The first application, PrevisEA, is a noninvasive, disposable, self-contained device clinically proven to predict postoperative ileus (POI) in surgical patients. Predicting POI is a $1 billion global market in GI surgery alone. There are no devices or tests currently approved for the prediction of POI.


EternaTear is developing next generation therapy for $3B dry eye market. The team and inventors have 15+ years experience in the dry eye market and have developed several dry eye drug and device therapies. Our inventors have identified a component of the tear film that was previously unrecognized, and EternaTear will incorporate these breakthroughs to develop a product that lasts up to 10x longer that the nearest competitor.

Innovative Med Concepts

Innovative Med Concepts (IMC) is a development-stage biotech company dedicated to identifying, developing and advancing novel treatments that have emerged from breakthrough scientific discoveries that herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) immune interactions are implicated in fibromyalgia (FM) and other conditions. After observing a correlation between HSV-1 and fibromyalgia, the Company discovered that it requires a combination of drugs to disable the critical pathways for HSV-1 replication. Interrupting HSV-1 replication with chronic treatment was found to dramatically reduce the pain of fibromyalgia and ameliorates the associated symptoms in many FM patients.

IQuity, Inc.

IQuity is a data analytics company that integrates genomic and proprietary healthcare data with machine learning to predict, detect and monitor chronic disease.

Neuroene Therapeutics

Mitochondrial dysfunction is a major cause of many difficult to treat neurological disorders such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and orphan mitochondrial diseases, because mitochondria produce much of the energy for neurons, and dysfunctional mitochondrial produce excessive oxidative stress that kills neurons. However, no drugs currently on the market target mitochondrial health. Neuroene Therapeutics has identified a novel class of compounds based on naturally occurring Vitamin K, whose central naphthoquinone moiety targets mitochondrial health and energetics, can cross the blood-brain barrier, are non-sedating, and are non-toxic as shown by acute and chronic mouse dosing studies. More than 100 naphthoquinone analogs have been derived, and our animal data shows that analogs derived from this platform have utility in several neurological disease models: different compounds are selectively effective in different models, some are highly effective at preventing seizures in animal models of epilepsy (particularly in medication-resistant models), others prevent degeneration of the substantia nigra and locomotor defects in a Parkinson’s disease model, and another set improves lifespan and bioenergetics in models of orphan mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome.

NIRvana Sciences

NIRvana Sciences is a tools development company founded to commercialize novel fluorescent red and near-infrared dyes that address the growing need for increasingly complex tests in life science diagnostics and imaging markets. Our dyes possess very narrow emissions, plus many of them emit in the near infrared opening up the substantial opportunity for flow cytometer companies to expand the detection range of their instruments to exploit their full performance. NIRvana has exclusively licensed a large IP portfolio from NC State University, secured substantial NIH grant funding, attracted substantial commercial interest, and is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.


Oncospherix is a newly incorporated early stage cancer drug development company that is advancing a portfolio of proprietary small molecule therapeutics that target a hallmark of solid tumors: hypoxia. Oncospherix has a strong patent portfolio based on science and technology developed at Emory University and Georgia State University. The platform consists of lead and follow-up compounds that inhibit hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) transcription factors, thereby starving tumors of new blood vessels and blocking expression of genes that contribute to tumor survival and metastasis. Therapeutic efficacy has been demonstrated in multiple pre-clinical mouse models of solid tumors, both alone and in combination with cytotoxic chemotherapy, showing reduced tumor burden and prolongation of survival. Near-term clinical development strategies are focused on improving tumor control and survival in patients with unresectable advanced cancers by combining our lead compound with current standard of care chemotherapy, targeted chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and/or radiation, so that both hypoxic and normoxic regions of advanced cancers are aggressively targeted.

Panacea BioMatx, Inc

Panacea BioMatx, Inc , through a patented proprietary manufacturing platform produces personalized nutrition and pharmaceutical combination products. Using cloud-based personalization software tools, or formulas created by our healthcare partners, our patented automation process can produce a 30-day supply in 2-3 minute in a completely easy to swallow“pill free” format.

RFPi, Inc

RFPi, Inc. is bringing to market a technology that will provide doctors the ability to see what in the past what they could not; the distribution of blood flow in tissues and vessels. RFPi will develop, manufacture and market this platform imaging technology. This technology has the potential to disrupt key surgical, wound management and noninvasive medical imaging markets.

STAT3 Therapeutics, Inc.

STAT3 Therapeutics (S3T) is a pre-clinical biopharmaceutical and oncology-focused company engaged in the development of novel therapeutics that block STAT3 activity, a transcription factor and key contributor to tumor initiation, growth, and maintenance that is associated with decreased survival in ~70% of cancers. Our FIRST-IN-CLASS and BEST-IN-CLASS cyclic STAT3 decoy prevents the STAT3 dimer from attaching to its DNA-binding site and producing its target genes. Following a positive Phase 0 study for direct injection administration asset and preliminary toxicology studies for systemic administration delivery, S3T is raising financing to complete its preclinical program and ultimately to 1st-in-human before exiting.

Symberix, Inc.

The healthy gut microbiota is composed of a diverse and balanced population of 10 to 100 trillion predominantly commensal and symbiotic microbes whose actions contribute to our well-being. Microbiota dysbiosis—an imbalance in the composition of commensal/symbiotic vs pathogenic microbes—has been shown to cause or otherwise correlate with many human ailments and diseases. Symberix is pioneering the first generation of microbiome-targeting, small-molecules drugs (“Symbiotic Drugs”) to improve human health by selectively eliminating harmful microbial activity in gut dysbiosis without killing beneficial microbes. Symberix’s scientific founder, Dr. Matthew Redinbo, was the first to demonstrate the feasibility of therapeutically targeting the microbiome with symbiotic drugs.

Symmune Therapeutics

Symmune therapeutics is a virtual biotech company. We are developing an immunotherapy, SYM-001, to prevent pulmonary acute exacerbations. Acute exacerbations severy limit breathing and are the major driver of lung function decline, hospitalization, and mortality in patients with chronic lung disease such as COPD. The major cause of acute exacerbations are viral infections for which currently treatments are severely limited. SYM-001 reduces the frequency of infection and attenuates the inflammation associated with viral infections by priming of the immune system and reprogramming the host response to infection.

Tellus Therapeutics

One in eight babies is born premature and at significant risk for brain injury and life-long cognitive and neurological impairments, such as cerebral palsy. There is no treatment for brain injury occurring perinatally which, regardless of etiology, involves damage to the white matter (myelin) that also plays an important pathophysiological role in stroke, traumatic brain injury and multiple sclerosis. Tellus Therapeutics is developing novel small molecules derived from human maternal breast milk for the treatment of newborns with perinatal brain injury. Tellus’ lead candidate, TT-20, induces regeneration of myelin-producing oligodendrocytes, reverses white matter injury in an animal models of perinatal brain injury and multiple sclerosis and is pursuing a novel regulatory path to evaluate safety and efficacy in newborns with brain injury.

URO1, Inc.

URO-1 develops products for two of the most frequently performed and fastest growing office procedures in urology. Our first product, the Repris™ Bladder Injection System has been CLEARED BY THE FDA for injecting the bladder wall with BOTOX to treat women with overactive bladder. It enables the physician to more easily follow the steps shown to reduce the most common post procedure complication. A product line extension ReprisMB addresses the main problem faced by urologists in hospital owned practices, performing office cystoscopy – limiting an endoscope to one use before being collected and sent to central processing for cleaning and re-sterilization.

Vova Ida Therapeutics

Vova Ida Therapeutics (VIT) is a Florida based start-up company dedicated to the development of drugs for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. VIT’s treatments target fundamental mechanisms operating in age-related neurodegenerative disorders, thereby addressing a huge unmet need for treatments altering the progression of the diseases, so-called disease-modifying treatments.