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Below are the presenting companies from the 2015 Investor & Partnering Forum:

2015 MAIN/Stage Presenting Companies

CivaTech Oncology, Inc.
CivaTech Oncology offers cancer patients radiation therapy treatment options that minimize distress and inconvenience, maximizing quality of life and improving life expectancy. The Company has developed and commercialized 2 innovative polymer-based low-dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy device2, pioneering a new standard of care in treatment of early stage cancers. The products represent the first polymer encapsulation of radiation without the use of stainless steel or other metals. Both products are FDA cleared and the company is conducting successful post market studies and is selling products under product specific reimbursement codes.

Dignify Therapeutics
Dignify Therapeutics is a venture-backed drug development company focused on developing novel bladder and bowel drug therapies for spinal cord injured, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis and other patient populations with voiding dysfunction. By combining novel pharmaceutical agents with drug delivery technology, Dignify Therapeutics will restore the dignity of voluntary excretory function for these patients.

Innocrin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Innocrin is a privately-held clinical-stage company that discovers and develops novel, best-in-class oral inhibitors of CYP17 lyase for the treatment of prostate and breast cancer and non-oncologic androgen-driven syndromes including endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome and congenital adrenal hyperplasia. The lead best-in class asset, VT-464, is in multiple Phase 2 prostate and breast cancer studies. Projected peak annual sales of first-in-class competitor products (e.g., abiraterone, enzalutamide) are $2.5 – $6Bn. VT-464 and structurally-related classes of CYP17 inhibitors are wholly owned by Innocrin.

Novocor Medical Systems
Novocor Medical Systems provides solutions that help Emergency Medical Service (EMS) first responders treat cardiac arrest victims which save lives. The company’s first patented product, Hypocore, is an innovative IV rapid-chilling device that cools saline during the infusion process to induce therapeutic hypothermia. Ready on demand, HypoCore attaches to standard IV tubing and instantly cools saline for up to 60 minutes without any external power. It is easily stored in ambulances, fire trucks, and helicopters and can be carried anywhere by EMS personnel.

Oncotide Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Everyone agrees that activation of the immune system with checkpoint inhibitor antibodies is revolutionizing the way we effectively kill cancer cells in hard-to-treat cancers and in patients who have failed existing treatments. These treatments work by activating the immune cells to release enzymes that specifically digest the SET oncoprotein, which is over-expressed in most cancers. OP449 is the next generation of checkpoint inhibitors that directly enters cancer cells to antagonize the SET oncoprotein and induce cancer cell death without the need for immune system activation. Our pre-clinical success in treating models of triple negative breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and acute myeloid leukemia enhance our confidence that clinical trials of OP449 in cancer patients will effectively reduce tumors, extend patient survival and surpass the existing immuno-oncology markets.

Panaceutics, Inc.
Panaceutics is a personalized therapeutics products company that has developed an alternative to the standard pill for vitamin and drug delivery. Panaceutics’ approach enables healthcare practitioners to create cost effective, multi-compound personalized therapies for patients resulting in improved healthcare outcomes and reducing near and long term costs. The company’s scalable automation technology can deliver “made for me” therapeutic formulations with the same economies scale of pill based single compound formats.

Precision BioSciences
Precision BioSciences is a genome editing company dedicated to improving life. Our team seeks to solve – not just treat, but solve – significant problems in oncology, genetic disease, agriculture, and beyond via its proprietary ARCUS genome editing platform. Precision was founded in 2006 with intellectual property developed at Duke University.

QUE Oncology, Inc.
QUE Oncology is developing a portfolio of novel therapies to treat both cancers and specific important side effects of anti-cancer therapy. – QUE’s lead program is Q-122, a non-hormonal treatment, initially being developed for the treatment of hot flashes in patients with a history of breast cancer and who are receiving anti-estrogen therapy. – In 2015, QUE finalized the phase 1b clinical trial data for Q-122, showing a reduction in hot flash frequency of over 60%, and is now preparing to initiate a phase 2 clinical trial. – QUE is also developing several novel preclinical programs in areas including cancer-related pain, triple negative breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Spyryx Biosciences
Spyryx Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for obstructive lung diseases. The Company was formed in 2013 by our scientific founder, Dr. Robert Tarran, based on his discovery of a previously unknown mechanism used by the lung to regulate fluid on the airway surface. This mechanism is dysfunctional in the lungs of CF patients and is believed to be a root cause of the progressive loss of fluid in the airways of the lung that leads to the unfortunate cycle of mucus dehydration and accumulation, bacterial colonization, immune response and tissue scarring, loss of lung function, and often early death.

Spyryx’ products leverage the mechanism discovered by Dr. Tarran and have shown promising results in preclinical studies by dramatically increasing survival in an animal model of CF. Our product’s action is independent of the genetic mutations that cause CF, thereby having the potential to provide disease-modifying therapy to the entire CF patient population.

2015 EARLY/Stage Presenting Companies

Agile Sciences Inc.
Agile Sciences, Inc. is an emerging biopharmaceutical company that is pioneering an entirely new mechanistic approach for the treatment of antibiotic resistant, life-threatening infections. Their core technology consists of a new class of 2-aminoimidazole (2-AI) small molecules that inhibit bacterial biofilm formation and bacterial resistance mechanisms through a novel mode of action resulting in enhanced antibiotic activity

Arcato Laboratories, Inc.
Arcato Laboratories’ mission is to become a leading oral health company by commercializing unique, proprietary products to serve specialty oral healthcare practitioners, such as orthodontists and oral surgeons. Arcato’s first product, a medical device named OraWax™, will target orthodontists and their patients as the first effective treatment for oral discomfort caused by orthodontic appliances (braces). Based on intellectual property exclusively licensed to Arcato, OraWax™ will relieve the irritation and discomfort experienced by the approximately two million new orthodontics patients each year (four million total). Current products (e.g., Tylenol® or Advil®; Orajel® or Anbesol®) are ineffective at bringing significant relief to brace patients, but medicated OraWax™ has demonstrated a significant reduction in brace pain in a controlled clinical trial.

ARMR Systems LLC
The Tactical Arterial Compression (TAC) System is a first-of-its-kind device developed for the pre-hospital wound care. The TAC is a wearable platform composed of simple nylon webbing that is able to quickly & flexibly deliver pressure to occlude damaged arteries. The device combines the familiar windlass mechanism of a tourniquet with the proven function of a vascular clamp to deliver reliable force that stays unabated in transport. The current version of the TAC is a standalone harness, but future devices & IP will encompass systems of integration with existing equipment & personal protective equipment. Another valuable addition is that of “smart” technology that can give real-time feedback to assess the function of the device, the state of the victim, & act as a telemedical component. The integration of diagnostic components into the current infrastructure can act as a big addition to the value proposition & a barrier to entry to other devices.

BioCurity Holdings, Inc.
BioCurity’s technology utilizes a specific cerium oxide nanoparticle that seeks to allow physicians to engage in the most effective radiation dose to destroy a patient’s cancerous tissue while protecting the patient’s healthy tissue. The financial cost in treating collateral damage induced by the radiation therapy is estimated in the United States to be more than $3 billion dollars annually. Without engaging in a battle for high priced reimbursement of expensive therapy, BioCurity can offer a cost effective and highly effective pharmaceutical. The absolute need for this product is indisputable among physicians.

Cambium Medical Technologies
Cambium Medical Technologies is a clinical stage biotherapeutucs company developing regenerative therapies that utilize novel human platelets. The Company has developed a proprietary process to GMP manufacture standardized human platelet preparations pooled from donors for numerous therapeutic applications. The Company’s first therapeutic will be a biologic eye drop for dry eye syndrome (keratoconjunctivis sicca).

DiaSyst is a software technology which incorporates more than 30 years of experience successfully treating diabetes patients from a leading endocrinologist. The program uses blood glucose information from the patient to make accurate and proper medication adjustment recommendations to the PCP along with a justification statement to support the recommendation. The justification ensures the PCP is confident that the recommendation is sound medical advice and a logical action given the data. The program will provide PCPs a higher level of certainty and confidence when changing oral medications or switching to insulin injections. This technology will decrease the incidence of complications, decrease the average cost of care per patient and increase the level of care for all patients whose healthcare providers leverage this powerful system.

FLAG Therapeutics
FLAG Therapeutics is a preclinical oncology company with two novel classes of small molecule therapeutics. FLAG’s AA/AT platform combines the therapeutic effects of anti-angiogenesis (cytostatic) and anti-tubulin (cytotoxic) in one small molecule and is being developed for the treatment of brain cancer. The FTAC platform is a GARFTase compound (inhibits de novo purine synthesis) but is only taken up by cancer cells possessing the folate receptor-alpha and is applicable for ovarian, lung, kidney and colon cancers. These novel small molecule platforms are covered by over 50 patents (29 issued and 24 pending) and are 6 (AA/AT) to 12 (FTAC) months away from clinical testing.

Inanovate, Inc.
Inanovate has developed a novel technology platform (the Bio-ID™) to analyze multiple biomarkers from samples such as blood. The Bio-ID has applications in life science research and medical diagnostic markets. The Bio-ID is scheduled for commercial launch in Q1 2016. Inanovate’s product pipeline includes biomarker discovery kits and services for pharmaceutical and diagnostic research, alongside a blood based monitoring test for breast cancer recurrence. Building on this foundation, the Bio-ID will be extended across multiple ‘research use’ and clinical diagnostic applications via a partnership and licensing business model.

InTailor Surgical
The Company has developed a novel technology for weight-loss surgery that requires no surgical cutting and can be completed in a 20 minute outpatient transoral endoscopic procedure. This technology moves far beyond existing endoscopic gastroplasty devices when comparing the extent of tissue augmented and the template nature of the procedure.

Intent Solutions, Inc.
Intent Solutions, Inc. is a medical device and data service company that has designed and developed a smart, portable dispenser of prescription medications. Our first device, named, TAD (Take As Directed) dispenses medication “to the right person, at the right time, at the correct dose,” while capturing and reporting real-time data on medication adherence and utilization. TAD is used by Pharmaceutical Companies in clinical trials to improve trial outcomes and Specialty Pharmacies for a range of critical medication. TAD can also be used in school settings to manage and dispense medications for ADHD and other adherence sensitive prescriptions.

Neuroquest Inc.
NeuroQuest is developing a break-through blood test based on the peripheral immune system to address the urgent need for an accurate test to enable early diagnosis and treatment for Alzheimer disease. Blood samples measure unique aspects of the immune system that reflect the disease pathology and can be used for diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring disease progression. Clinical results of an independent clinical study performed by The Australian Imaging, Biomarker & Lifestyle Flagship Study of Ageing (AIBL) indicate high specificity and sensitivity of the test.

NeXtGen Biologics
NeXtGen Biologics, is developing a class II medical device for the repair of soft tissue and has discovered an innovative technology that utilizes the extracellular matrix (ECM) from a very unique animal known as the axolotl. This uredele species has regenerative properties and combines the innate attributes of nature with the precision of science to help the body heal itself. Our product intends to remodel, regrow and restore damaged tissue by communicating with the body, signaling surrounding healthy tissue to grow and incorporate into the extracellular matrix.

Prana Therapeutics
We have developed a Polymolecular Botanical Drug [PMBD] that can be used to prevent many of the most debilitating side-effects of conventional cancer treatments. Based on a biological screen of a large number of natural products we were able to identify a unique synergistic effect of three plant derived compounds, which we call Epidiferphane™ [or abbreviated EDP™]. It is delivered orally, and in animals that have developed anemia [low red blood cells], neutropenia [low white blood cells] and CIPN, daily treatment with EDP™, during the course of chemotherapy, significantly attenuated these negative side effects.

EDP™ will initially be market as a supplement in the USA and then as an FDA-approved drug for the prevention of anemia, cytopenia, CIPN and increasing quality of life in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Quality Image Group, LLC
Quality Image Group LLC has developed an image processing method and software, enabling users to compare images in order to quantify similarities and detect changes. The Company has developed software for processing 2-D arbitrary images and processing layered images. With regard to 2-D arbitrary images (for example, MRIs, X-rays, angiograms and many other categories of biomedical images). With regard to layered images (for example, lamellae in bones), the software quantifies the structure and size of layered patterns and reveals similarities and differences in the structure and size of the layers between them.

SynShark LLC
SynShark has developed a new approach to renewable specialty chemicals, through $5M in ARPA-E funding to Texas A&M University. Its squalene, actively used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets, is a superior alternative production route, which takes pressure off a vulnerable ocean catch. This route was derived through a novel approach to photosynthesis efficiency and storage in tobacco.

Tissue Testing Technologies LLC
T3LLC has an exclusive license to ice-free cryopreservation technology that was invented by Dr. Brockbank. This technology has been shown to minimize the immune system reaction to treated tissues when implanted in individuals of the same species and in cell culture. Furthermore, in contrast with currently employed tissue processing technologies ice-free cryopreservation does not result in tissue material property changes demonstrated for current practice methods. T3LLC has prioritized the Company product pipeline based upon minimization of regulatory hurdles. The first product will be an ice-free tissue engineered skin product for testing of household chemicals and cosmetics. The second product will be employed in human tissue processing that is primarily regulated by the American Association of Tissue Banks. Commercialization will be by a combination of product sales, licensing and contract manufacturing.

Trana Discovery, Inc.
Trana Discovery provides a proprietary discovery platform that identifies novel anti-infectives. The platform allows us to screen compounds and identify those that kill the pathogen selected through a novel mechanism of action: inhibition of the target pathogen(s) to use an organism-specific transfer RNA (tRNA). While our initial discovery platforms concerned antibiotics and antivirals in human diseases, Trana recognized that their technology has the capability to facilitate world-wide food production through discovery and development of more targeted pest control products that are safer and more environmentally friendly. We are now focused on new pesticides for HLB (citrus greening disease caused by Liberibacter asiaticus).