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Corporate Partnering Sponsor Named

October 5, 2017 | blog

Southeast BIO is pleased to welcome Eli Lilly and Company as sponsor for the 7th Annual Corporate Partnering Day. Lilly is looking to partner within its core therapeutic areas of oncology, immunology, diabetes, neurodegeneration and pain. The company is also looking for breakthrough solutions in novel biologic pathways, adjacent disease areas and disruptive technologies.

Lilly is dedicated to the discovery of new medicines through the relentless pursuit of innovation. As part of a collaboration with Lilly, organizations could gain access to Lilly’s discovery and development teams with decades of experience. These teams work to trouble-shoot complex problems and ultimately bring new medicines to patients. Lilly is searching for:

  • mechanisms and molecules that are novel, tailored and differentiated from the current standard of care
  • new ways to address unmet medical needs
  • treatments, therapies, technologies and devices that generate better outcomes for payers, providers, prescribers and patients.

The Lilly R&D approach has a sense of urgency, ensuring that novel medicines reach patients as soon as possible; Lilly is also actively increasing its emphasis on partnering – especially via expanding access to earlier stage innovation. Lilly’s Search & Evaluate team members are experienced drug discovery and development scientists – including experts in individual therapeutic areas and technology platforms; they are located in Indianapolis, IN, Cambridge, MA, New York, and Europe with extended members in Japan. As part of expanding external outreach, Lilly can provide enhanced access to core chemistry and biotechnology capabilities, along with robust early stage development (via engaging with their Chorus team). A new initiative also involves facilitating access to alternative financing through connections to several venture capital funds where Lilly is a strategic limited partner.

Lilly is committed to collaboration with premier universities, investigators and companies around the world to advance breakthrough innovation, strongly contribute to Lilly’s pipeline and drive patient benefit. Click here to learn more.