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MAIN/Stage Presenters

Accuitis, Incorporated

Our technology is a first in class treatment for rosacea which one of the largest unmet needs in dermatology. Our product ACU-D1 has the potential to transform the current treatment paradigm for rosacea and drive signifant company value. Our compound has an established safety profile and strong preclinical evidence of efficacy. We have secured adequate funding to complete IND enabling toxicology and phase 1-2 clinical studies. Recent exits have established a strong valuation potential for the company.

Anutra Medical, Inc.

Imagine having no pain when the dentist gives you a shot or when you dermatologist numbs you before removing a mole. If you are a healthcare provider, picture the patient getting numb every time and within a few minutes instead of 15 minutes. If you are a health system, think about not worrying about the cross contamination of vials. At Anutra Medical, we have developed a simple solution to an age-old problem. We have designed a closed-mixing and dispensing system along with an innovative syringe that enhances the patient experience through eliminating pain as well as increases efficiency for healthcare providers, all while improving patient safety.

Avancen MOD Corporation

Avancen provides the first oral patient controlled analgesia device for pain management in healthcare facilities to come to market. The device called the MOD for Medication On Demand is a Wi-Fi device secured at the patient bedside and programmed via its enterprise software to collect patient pain score data and self-administration data of oral pain medication delivery that can be integrated into the electronic health record (EHR) or used as a standalone database device. The patient is able to access the medication using a Radio Frequency (RFID) bracelet registered to the device for their exclusive use. The MOD is becoming the evidenced based standard of care for the delivery of as needed oral pain medication in acute care and post-acute care facilities.

Biomedomics Inc.

BioMedomics, Inc. is a point-of-care (POC) diagnostics company focused on unique, disease-specific tests and highly- advanced quantitative detection platforms. The Company has successfully developed and marketed 3 novel tests for hemoglobinopathies: Sickle SCAN®, alpha-Thal SCAN®, and Hemo SCAN®. We also recently received regulatory approval, and are working towards product launch for a novel POC quantitative test for hemoglobin S (HbS) which is used in the treatment of Sickle Cell Disease. Additionally, quantitative POC tests for TSH, testosterone, vitamin D and troponin based on our patented high sensitivity Time Resolved diagnostics platform and a rapid POC test for beta-thalassemia, are also under development.

iCubate, Inc.

More than a million Americans get sepsis ­­- a bloodstream infection­­ – every year. A quarter million die. The accompanying healthcare costs are astronomical. A major barrier for better care is that it takes days to identify the specific pathogen causing the infection, so treatment is delayed. iCubate is an innovative molecular diagnostic company that will provide solutions to vital clinical problems – including but not exclusive to sepsis ­- for a variety of research challenges. We provide a patented mutiplex polymerase chain reaction (mPCR) technology, an integrated and automated platform, and a product line for infectious disease diagnostics and research applications. We offer products to detect multiple disease­ causing pathogens at one time using only minutes of hands on time by lab technicians, with a sample to answer turn around time of hours rather than days – all in a closed system that eliminates risk of contamination. Our initial focus is the clinical laboratory setting – including laboratory developed tests (LDTs) – providing accurate and cost­ saving diagnostics. That is the just the beginning. The iCubate system has the flexibility to expand into multiple markets including food safety and agriculture.

OBMedical Company

OBMedical has developed LABORVIEW®, an FDA-cleared external sensor system that provides fetal monitoring in patients of all sizes. LABORVIEW® is a simple accessory that can be plugged into one of the 28,000 existing ultrasound based fetal monitors that already interfaced to hospital information systems. LaborView displays both fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate and contractions allowing access to an $800 million dollar annual worldwide market for the high margin disposable alone.

EARLY/Stage Presenters

AAVet Therapeutics

Aavet Therapeutics is developing a safe and effective antigen-based immunotherapy program using a common immunization procedure for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Briefly, tumor-antigen genes carried by a patented bioengineered viral vector (AAV) are delivered to dendritic cells using a standard needle injection. Upon transduction, the dendritic cells express and display the tumor antigen and activate other components of the immune system, most notably T-cells. These activated immune cells specifically seek out and destroy tumor cells.


Dualogics is an RTP-based research and development company that specializes in engineering bispecific antibody therapeutics, diagnostics, and research tools. Using our proprietary OrthoMab platform, we are able to generate a wide variety of bispecific antibodies formats with customizable molecular properties. Bispecific antibodies, or antibodies able to engage two distinct antigens, have broad utility in the development of next-generation antibody products, and enable the creation of molecules with improved affinity, specificity, and novel immunogenic properties.

Initos Pharmaceuticals

The oligonucleotide therapeutics market is a rapidly growing field and offers tremendous promise for the treatment of a wide variety of disease indications. Nonetheless, a major problem for this field remains the poor delivery and high toxicity of oligonucleotide therapeutics. To overcome these issues, Initos Pharmaceuticals has developed a set of novel small molecules (“oligonucleotide enhancing compounds” (OEC)) that we have shown can markedly enhance the effects of oligonucleotides in a transgenic mouse model without apparent toxicity. If the OEC concept can be successfully developed, it is likely that most therapeutic strategies involving oligonucleotides could include an OEC component; thus providing Initos with a position in a market estimated to grow at 30% year over year through 2022.

KynderMed, Inc.

KynderMed was formed in April 2014 to in-license technology from the Florida State University Medical School. The Company’s short-term objective is to launch our product in select Asian markets in 2Q 2017. The Company is operating under LOI with our master distributor for those countries. KynderMed’s intermediate goal is to launch acute and preventative claims in the U.S. and Europe in 2018. Longer term goals are to either partner or sell to a strategic partner. We hold the exclusive license to the patent on regulating uterine contractions with light. The product is a simple non-invasive medical device sleep mask. The device inhibits the secretion of the hormone melatonin whose receptors only appear in the uterus during contractions. The mask emits a low intensity blue light onto the sleeping woman’s eyelids. The light will not awaken most women, but it will be sufficient to prevent the onset of contractions or stop contraction in actively contracting women. We are in the pre-clinical and developmental stage.

Lynkogen, Inc.

Lynkogen Inc. is a pre-clinical stage biotech company whose vision is to develop transformative protein therapeutics for devastating rare and prevalent metabolic diseases. Lynkogen is founded based on innovative technology from Dr. Dexi Liu’s laboratories at the University of Georgia. The lead candidate (LYN-100) demonstrates potential in Obesity, Diabetes and Fatty liver disease and is ready for IND-enabling studies. Lynkogen is committed to advancing LYN-100 to an IND and initiation of phase 1 clinical studies. Lynkogen will also continue to generate a pipeline of fusion proteins with potential in metabolic diseases. Lynkogen’s approach, balances a near-term, high value, ready to develop (LYN-100) therapeutic with a mid-term goal to identify and advance additional new therapies.

Metaclipse Therapeutics

Metaclipse Therapeutics Corporation is a preclinical-stage biotechnology company developing MembrexTM, a novel cancer immunotherapy tailored to each patient and their specific tumor. The first indication the Company is pursuing with its personalized cancer therapy is triple negative breast cancer (TNBC). TNBCs represent a class of highly heterogeneous tumors with no available targeted therapy, making TNBC an area of considerable unmet medical need. This heterogeneity requires a personalized approach. Metaclipse intends to commercialize its products through licensing agreements with major pharmaceutical companies after establishing safety and effectiveness for TNBC in early clinical trials.

Proventus Bio, Inc.

PBIO is a synthetic biology company that uses siRNA libraries & high throughput screening & CRISPR gene-editing to enhance mostly marketed & approved (regulated) high performance manufacturing cell line substrates to produce log-fold increases of virus and / or recombinant product yield.

Renovion, Inc.

Renovion is a pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical company with a therapy for chronic inflammatory lung disease patients. Our goal is to be the first FDA approved for patients that have received a bilateral lung transplant. Our data indicates that we may also be able to help patients in other areas such as cystic fibrosis, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We currently have three patients on therapy via FDA approved investigator led INDs – one lung transplant, one CF, and one severe asthma – with a cumulative 15 years on therapy with no toxicity. The lung transplant patient experienced a 32% increase in FEV1 immediately following therapy. Renovion represents an opportunity to invest in a pre-clinical stage pharma compound with which human outcomes relative to efficacy and safety have been demonstrated.


RFPi is commercializing an imaging technology to enable better results in the surgical suite. The technology, iCertainty, combines laser(s) and a camera with software to visualize and quantify blood flow in vessels and perfusion in organs and tissues during surgical procedures. The technology is unique in that it needs no injection of material, no probes and never touches the patient. RFPi also envisions utilizing the data generated in the surgical suite to enable tracking of imaging, clinical and financial outcomes on these procedures. Health care providers and administrators can use of this technology to track and improve surgical outcomes and and therefore reduce cost.